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Margarita Island
One day excursions:

Lagoon of mangroves with several species of birds. After a boat ride you get to the beach that joins Margarita Island with the Macanao peninsula.

Laguna de La Restinga

If you have a car, we recommend visiting the Macanao peninsula, where you will find beautiful deserted unpolluted beaches like Punta Arenas and Playa La Pared. Also in Macanao you will see the Marine Museum, with several rare endemic seashells.

Peninsula de Macanao

The Nueva Esparta State is formed by three islands: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua. Coche is very beautiful, with its white sandy beaches and its fishermen’s harbour; there is a large production of shrimp. It is worth a one day trip in a boat. There are many possibilities to get to Coche: The Coche Express from La Isleta; also with launchers from El Yaque the boat from El Yaque Speed Paradise Hotel, there’s also a ferry, and many tour operators offer a day tour with food and drinks included.

Isla de Coche

There is no population on this island. It used to be the location of Nueva Cádiz, one of the first cities founded by the Spaniards in America, until it was destroyed by a tidal wave. You can still see the remains of the foundations of the city. This trip is offered by one operator. The island is known for its pearl producing oysters.

Isla de Cubagua


Artesanias en el Valle



How to get to Margarita Island?

Most worldwide airlines offer flights to Caracas (Maiquetía airport). From there you can take one of the many daily flights to Porlamar (Margarita) on an almost hourly basis.

There are several charter flights from Europe, Canada, Colombia and Ecuador that fly directly into the island; we recommend you to address your travel agent.
It is also possible to take a ferry from La Guaira (Caracas’ port) or from Puerto La Cruz (after a four-hour road trip). It is not possible to make reservations for these from abroad; you must buy the ticket on location at the port.

Aeropuerto Internacional y del Caribe
General en Jefe Santiago Mariño

If you wish, you can use our service of transportation from the airport to the apartment. Just let us know your data of arrival to Porlamar.
US$ 20 (from the airport to Porlamar - 25 Km.)

Nearby supermarkets:

There is the possibility for nearby shopping in almost all the apartments. There are several large supermarkets on the island.
Unicasa, Ave. Bolívar Central Madeirense, Ave. Bolívar and Urbanización Jorge Coll
Rattan Hypermarket, Ave. 4 de Mayo and Rattan Plaza, Ave. Jóvito Villalba
Sigo, Ave. Juan Bautista Arismendi, and Sambil Shopping Centre.

Currency exchange:

The currency of Venezuela is called Bolívar.
1 US$ 2.150 bolívares = 2,15 bolívares fuerte
1 Euro 3.150 bolívares = 3,15 bolívares fuerte

Eating out:

If you don’t feel like cooking, the island offers a wide variety of restaurants with all types of specialities. Also, in most beaches there is restaurant service. The national beverages are rum and beer, which are of excellent quality.



Playa El Agua: Best known and most attended on the island, 4 km. long, water temperature 24ºC. Possibility of going for a ride in ultra-light planes and water scooters.
Playa Manzanillo: Quiet and one of the coldest, 21ºC., 900 m. long.
Playa Zaragoza: Beautiful, colonial type boulevard, 900 m. long, 24ºC.
Playa La Caracola: Long beach at Costa Azul, excellent for jogging 2.2 km. long, 24ºC.
Playa El Yaque: Famous for its ideal conditions for wind surfing, 2 km. long, 29ºC.
Playa Guacuco: 2 km. long, palm trees and steady waves, 22ºC.
Playa Parguito: Recommended for surfing, has become one of the most visited beaches, 900 m. long, 22ºC.
Playa Puerto Cruz: White sands and dunes, 1 km. long, 23ºC.



Margarita Island One day excursions:

Ancient Spanish fort of strategic importance in the independence war against the Spaniards. It has a very nice view of the Juangriego bay and you can watch the sunset with the most spectacular colours.

Bahía de Juan Griego

Castillo de San Carlos Borromeo and Fortín de la Caranta, with a nice view of the bay of Pampatar.

Castillo de Pampatar


Towns in the inner part of the island, at El Valle is the church of La Virgen del Valle and in La Asunción, the Cathedral and Castillo de Santa Rosa.

Santuario del Valle

Catedrál de La Asunción

Highest mountain in Margarita with 810 m. Panoramic view of almost the whole island. A nice natural walk.

There are also theme parks, and the possibility of going for a ride in ultra-light planes and water scooters.

Margarita island offers amusement and attractions like casinos, the largest being the one at the hotel in Costa Azul, and many others with bingo games and slot machines.